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Description of Cat Behavior Services | Lana Fraley Rich | Catsultant

What the Catsultant can do for you...

A Catsultation will involve a thorough environmental analysis of the home in which the cat(s) live. Observing cats in their home environment and identifying any possible stressors or triggers are important in resolving cat behavior problems. Upon completion of the home analysis, a customized plan of action is made to begin resolving the behavior problem.

All Catsultations include:

Your Catsultation will be designed to meet your needs.  In a short time, you will have a deeper understanding of your cat and an action plan that works to meet the needs of your cat and resolve the problem. Schedule your Catsultation

In-Home Catsultation

90 minute appointment for a 1-2 cat household. $295
120 minute appointment for a 3-4 cat household and/or multiple feline behavior issues. $345

Above pricing is based on your location being within 25 miles of Dallas, Texas. See price list for travel fees and more details.

Phone/Skype/Facetime Catsultation

90 minute call + 2 weeks free follow up calls if required. $225

Check, cash or credit card payment is required at the time of your in-home Catsultation. Phone/Skype Catsultations must be paid in advance by credit card, check or money order. Gift certificates are available.