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You and Your Feline Family During These Challenging Times

Most of us are understandably spending a lot more time in our homes than we ever have.  A few days ago, I was thinking about how important my home environment is and how it impacts my quality of life. Then, it hit me. My 2 indoor feline family members have spent their whole lives at "home" since they were adopted, except for checkups at their veterinarian hospital.  They don't go to work, the grocery store, and the park or run errands or go see friends or go on vacations.  They stay home all the time!  Maybe during this time, we can get a glimpse of what that reality feels like.

While I am aware of the necessity of proper feline environmental enrichment, I am now even more committed to emphasizing the role it plays in the quality of life for our feline family members.  There are things which are extremely important every cat home should have AND there are things which should not be in any cat home!

Shoulds -  

Should Nots -

If you have ever considered having a personalized cat behavior consultation—NOW is the time!  You are home and have more time to implement your treatment plan!

I can work with you through FaceTime or Skype to provide a virtual in-home cat behavior consultation at a reduced fee.  You still get a customized treatment plan and a 30-day follow-up period!

posted on 4/1/2020