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Thanksgiving and Your Cat(s)

Thanksgiving is a time we normally focus on what we are thankful for and ways we can show our gratitude.  While it is always a busy time, it is important to remind ourselves to take time to think about our feline family members too.

As they say, actions speak louder than words and that is extra important when interacting with cats.  If you want to show gratitude to your cat(s), here are the top 3 ways to do so:

1. Food

Since cats are usually very “food-driven,” feed them healthy food—and treats.  Please keep in mind they are obligate carnivores.   They do best when eating a moist “Catkins” diet:  high protein, high fat and low carb with no by-products or soy.

2. Fitness

Make sure your feline family gets a thorough physical checkup at least once a year (including blood work) by a feline-oriented veterinarian.  Dental cleanings (including dental x-rays) are extremely important at least every 2 years.  Since cats are so good at hiding pain, we should not assume they are healthy.

3. Fun

Spending at least 10-15 minutes every day engaging your cat in a “hunting” activity is one of the most fun and loving things you can do.  Outdoor cats typically hunt 5-6 hrs./day.  Our indoor cats need to “hunt” too!  Invest in some safe, effective cat toys* and find a place in your home that has carpet or a large area rug/ runner (they need traction) and play with your cats--one at a time!  Avoid group play because cats are not pack animals and can become stressed when there is competition for the “prey.”

* There are thousands of cat toys on the market, but some are not very effective or safe.  Please feel free to contact me for my approved list.

posted on 11/23/2020