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Top Rated Cat Toys

My clients are always asking me for recommendations for good quality, safe, and effective cat toys because there are so many cat toys on the market.  It can get very confusing because the toys are marketed to the cat parents - not the cat!  I have listed the most engaging toys in this post.

There are basically 2 types of cat toys. Independent play that aresafe for cats to play with by themselves. Or, interactive play that you must hold one end of the toy to engage the cat. Some toys can be both—like peacock feathers!

#1 DaBird Feather Toy - Interactive play ONLY!  Must be stored where the cats cannot get to it if you are not present. Some cats will chew on the string which can be dangerous! Check out their video!

#2 Cat Catcher Mouse Toy - Can be an interactive toy or an independent play cat toy.  Made of all-natural materials!

#3 Da Purr-Peller - Interactive play is necessary to make it "fly" properly.  Awesome design!

#4 Cat Charmer - Much better as an interactive toy but safe for independent play as well.  Very colorful and entertaining!

#5 Cat Dancer - Great, safe toy that has proven the test of time! Incredibly fun interactive or independent cat toy.  Has been around for quite a while and understandably so!  

#6 Peacock Feathers - Easily one of the cheapest, prettiest and fun cat toys!  Cats play with them even after the feathers look worn-out.

Our little "hunters and huntresses" need at least two 10-minute sessions of playtime each day to meet their hardwired need to hunt.  Our kitties need to play "hunting" every day - just like our canine friends need to walk each day.  Outdoor kitties hunt 4-6 hours a day and our indoor feline family members need to "hunt" regularly too. Playtime provides exercise and reduces feline aggression. Always provide a healthy treat after hunting time - NOT Temptations or Greenies!  Check out Cat Man Doo's freeze-dried chicken or salmon treats which are healthy treats made from only one ingredient!

An important thing to remember...

You MUST play with each cat separately. Play with your cats one at a time and out of sight from other cats in the household to avoid stress around competing for the "prey."

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