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Sometimes it is a bit embarassing to toot my own horn, but I am constantly asked if I have any client testimonials. Here are a few for your reading pleasure! You can also check out what people are saying on Facebook and Yelp.

Lana proved to be a lifesaver, as we navigated a few steps back - and then moved forward with making our home safe and happy for both kitties. She did two home visits (per our request), several email Q & A exchanges, and one phone follow-up.

We so appreciated her compliments and encouragement on what we were doing right, and her gentle guidance to make corrections and suggestions that helped us reach our goal of 2 kitties living in peaceful coexistence! 

On a human note, we learned so much about our own stress and reactions and how they were related to the cats’ responses as well. Now we are ALL loving that peaceful future with our furry companions.
We would (and have already) recommend Lana’s services to anyone experiencing behavior issues with their kitties. - Nina R., Plano, TX

I had the chance to work with the Catsultant recently.  Lana was very compassionate and incredibly helpful.  She told me easy things I could start with and explained WHY these things would help.  I have had cats most of my life but I learned many new things which I could do to make the quality of my cats' lives better and they are now so much happier and healthier!

I am very thankful to Lana, the Catsultant, and recommend her to cat owners having "challenges" with their kitties--or wanting to prevent cat behavior problems and enhance the environment for their feline family!  - Jan F., Dallas, TX

In helping me figure out my cat’s issues, Lana has been instrumental in teaching me to try to think about things from the cat’s perspective. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes all the time necessary to catch the details we ordinarily miss. - Glenn B., Austin, TX

We contacted Lana after we adopted two kittens that weren't getting along. Our Burmese Oliver, arrived 2 months earlier and is 2 months older than our Bengal Felix. When Felix arrived, Oliver became very aggressive, and despite our attempts at doing a "slow" introduction we were not having success. So decided to bring in an expert! Lana came to our home and observed everything. While she was there, she gave us many practical suggestions on how to make our house more conducive to the needs of our new babies, the best way to play with them and many more valuable insights. These two boys are both very high energy cats and even though both have been fixed, display lots of aggressive behavior. It took 5 weeks before we felt comfortable with them being together unrestrained in the same room, and throughout it all, Lana was available with lots of suggestions and support.  They now play together and while they chase and fight occasionally, it's the type of fun playing we expect from kittens!  There were so many positive recommendations Lana gave us, it's hard to narrow down what was most effective!  But right at the top of the list is the use of treats to reinforce good behavior, and investing in a tall cat "playpen". The playpen made it possible for them to be very close together, seeing each other, smelling each other, and even interacting through the bars for a couple of weeks prior to letting them be together without barriers.  This really made a big difference.  Thank you Lana - they might have eventually gotten along, but we saved ourselves from taking either one to an emergency clinic, and now they actually enjoy being together, rather than just tolerating each other. - Sabrina, Dallas, TX

Things are going much better after I have implemented a number of Lana's recommendations. Yesterday I put two new jumbo litterboxes in the laundry room, and I am down to one jumbo box in the closet. It's nice to have more room in my closet! I have also switched back to the Original formula of the World's Best Cat litter. I got two whisker friendly bowls for their dry food and am providing filtered water for them. I am playing with Truman and Nelle a lot (like you showed me) and I feel that is helping as well. They just love that mouse toy you gave them so much that they go insane when I take it out of the drawer.

The bottom line is that both appear to be healthier and happier. There hasn't been any out of the box misbehavior from Truman for over 2 weeks. My sister and I both enjoyed your visit and learned a lot. Truman and Nelle would like to thank you from the bottom of their little naughty hearts. - Mary Ellen, Austin, TX

Lana is a fantastic cat behaviorist! My two 3 year old cats were eating only dry food and I didn't realize they were somewhat dehydrated. I tried to get them to eat wet foods for 3 years -- and they wouldn't touch it. Lana made some suggestions, and now they eat mainly wet food!! Success! I know their kidneys are getting the liquids they need!! Also got a larger kitty litter box and the right litter, thanks to Lana's guidance. I previously had an enclosed 'Robot' litterbox -- so they were in an enclosed space (not what cats need) and breathing in the clay litter (really not what cats need). Lana has given advice for healthier treats (I thought mine were healthy, but definitely weren't), the right play toys, and in general helped me to understand my kitties in the way they needed. Also, my daughter's cat (8 years old) was an aggressive cat. Lana's advice helped my daughter work with her kitty in the way her kitty needed - and miraculously the aggressive behavior is going away!! Thank you, Lana!!! - Lea T., Dallas, TX

We contacted the Catsultant, Lana Rich, recently for litter box issues. She offered many helpful behavioral recommendations, as well as other helpful tips, including moving the box, new toys to play with the cat and changes in diet. The issue has not completely resolved yet but we have seen significant improvements and our cat is more calm in just 2 weeks. - Phyllis G., Plano, TX

Lana was amazing! Within a few days of her visit I saw an immense difference in my two cats. I had a hissing, swiping cat and a cat who thought the entire house was her litter box. And I am in the process of moving so I didn't expect those behaviors to exactly improve. People who know my animals are shocked by the difference. I don't know how she does it, but I wish she worked with dogs, too. If you've got cats with issues and you want to keep your cats, then working with Lana, the Catsultant, is money well spent. I will be able to save a lot of money in the future due to all I learned from her. I only wish I would have known about her services and contacted her sooner. - Carolyn T Austin, TX

The Catsultant has helped me with my cats, from litter box issues to health issues and helped me choose the right foods for them. Lana is so knowledgeable and really knows cats. She is going to be a Featured Speaker at the IBSPA (International Boarding and Pet Services Association) convention at the end of October. Her knowledge of cat behavior and what cat owners are looking for will help these business owners improve what they offer. Lana is amazing! - Adrienne A., Austin, TX

"We consulted Lana when our cat was urinating outside the litterbox. Lana's excellent advice really helped us solve our cat's litterbox problem and has made us better-informed and better-prepared cat owners. We have also learned a lot from Lana about how to manage our senior cat and the health issues that arise as she ages. Thanks, Lana!" - Jane R., Dallas, TX

We contacted Lana, the Catsultant, as a last resort when we were at our wits end with our cat, Pico. Pico had major behavioral issues for years and would urinate all over our apartment and furniture. Lana came over and assessed our apartment and Pico's environment and made a list of recommendations-- some medical, some environmental, some behavioral. We made all Lana's recommended changes three years ago and Pico has not had a single episode since.

Lana is a miracle worker and I am convinced that if she could help Pico, she could help anyone. I would recommend her to anyone who has a troubled cat. She certainly improved our lives and our sweet Pico's. - Ashley S., Los Angeles, CA

"I have been cleaning up after Gracie for 5 years and was recently referred to Lana Rich, Catsultant, by my veterinarian. I am on a shoestring budget and called her and asked: What is your success rateshe said almost 80%.....then I asked what her average number of visits wasshe said 'ONE'!

In just one meeting with her, I learned so much and followed her customized recommendations precisely. It cost me very little to make these important changes. As soon as I made the simple changes, Gracie pulled a 180 and stopped peeing outside the litterbox. HALLELUJAH!!!!! I learned numerous helpful things that have improved the quality of Gracie's life---and MINE! Lana is a kind, devoted woman with a mission: To help humans understand what will keep your cat healthy and happy and live a full life---INSIDE THE LITTERBOX! You don't have to clean up one more puddle of urine------give her a call." - Andrea Z., Austin, TX

I contacted Lana to help me with aggression problems one of my cats was exhibiting. We are still working together on this issue in hopes that my furry friend will accept my new cat. I've always had multiple cats and thought I knew everything there is to know about cats and their behavior. My "special" cat and Lana have proven otherwise. Lana's gentle guidance and knowledge about all things cat has shown me that I still have a lot to learn. Her support and knowledge is only a phone call away and I've made that call to help me and my cat get through tough situations. Lana is the last resort folks talk about. She makes a HUGE difference in the quality of sharing our life with a pet. Call Lana. - Christine H., Roundrock, TX

I was almost ready to give all our male cats away before Lana's visit. There was cat urine EVERYWHERE! My roommate and I had six cats, four males and two females, and I wasn't sure how to fix the problem. Being a blind home owner and cat owner, Lana took extra time during my home visit to provide a detailed customized treatment plan which helped me so much. I wasn't aware how stressful it was on my cats for them to see stray cats wandering around our house. It was easy to implement the recommended changes and there have not been any peeing incidents since we implemented her treatment plan. Removing our fragranced sprayers and diffusers, getting rid of the stray cats in the front yard, implementing play therapy, and enriching my cats' territory has made my cat family very happy. Thank you, Lana! - Aundrea M., Austin, TX

I have so many good things to say about Lana, the Catsultant, but I want you to keep reading this and then contact her for help, so I'll keep it short. I have two F5 Savannah's that Lana has helped me with, from the first couple of days of their arrival into my life until almost 2 years later.

Lana is very knowledgeable about this breed and has worked with other Savannah owners, and that gave me the confidence to take her advice and implement her suggestions right away. I recently just followed up with Lana about an issue that I was experiencing and right away she gave me several suggestions which I was able to put in place and, like always, her advice worked wonderfully. I truly believe Lana can help anybody with any issue with any type of cat from an exotic breed like a Savannah to a domestic short hair. If you're debating on hitting that "Schedule a Consult" button on her website, don't hesitate to do it, Lana is the best! - Joe V., Dallas, TX

Lana is very knowledgeable and kind and I strongly recommend her service! I have an extremely aggressive cat and after going to Lana basically in tears she has patiently worked with me and given me countless tips on behavior training and products. She really knows her stuff and has a compassion for animals that is unmatched! Laura M., Austin, TX

"For over two years I struggled to improve the relationships of my three kitties, Mango, Noribo, and Toshibo. It seemed I could not avoid, nor prevent, aggressive games of tag or chase and major cat fights, even in the middle of the night. I would nearly empty a water spray bottle trying to stop them in their tracks. My nerves were shot with worry. I tried calming kitty snacks, Feliway spray, collars, and room decanters, and even kitty Prozac! Nothing would work. My last resort was contacting a cat behaviorist. Little did I know that an angel would grace my door in less than 24 hours of reaching out. I was in tears, happy to see someone who validated my feelings of dread, despair, and desperation.

Lana Rich, the Catsultant, was methodical in her process to reduce the aggressive behavior between my three kitties. As a nursing instructor, I related very easily to her process. First, she assessed the situation with observations of my kitties and the general layout of my apartment. She conducted a thorough interview covering topics such as playing and interactive behaviors, feeding and litter routines, and even my personal routines related to my furry family. She made a few diagnoses along the way and a plan was presented with measurable outcomes. Next, Lana described several reasonable interventions with rationales suggesting which were critical to start first. As I implemented each, I communicated the level of success I was seeing. For two weeks afterward, Lana helped me fine-tune my interventions until I saw a significant improvement in the relationships between my little "big cats." Our hopeful outcomes were met. She has a gift and experience that will improve the well-being of not only your cats' lives but yours, as well. The four of us now live happily together. I better understand why cats do what they do. Lana, Thank you for the peace I've regained in my life and household." - Leona G., Roundrock, TX.

"My stray, abused cat could be disruptive outdoors to my neighbor's cat and sometimes aggressive indoors, so when I was referred to Lana by a friend. I felt I had exhausted all I knew I could do to resolve these issues. Lana replied immediately we set up an in-home consultation session.

Lana helped my cat cope with changes in his environment, behavior and routine, so he can live a happier, healthier, loving and longer life. Her techniques, ideas and suggestions proved beneficial to me and my cat. The time Lana spent with us exceeded my expectations. Her email and phone follow-ups were handled promptly, professionally - without disruption - which provided productive reinforcement. Her knowledge base alone demonstrated her infinite experience and wisdom. I highly recommend Lana for any situation encountered with your cat. You will not be disappointed!" - Nancy M., Bastrop, TX